1) Windmill - Windmills (0.1 KW – 100 KW)

Vinayaka Energy Tek manufactures high efficient and superior quality small wind turbines confirming to IEC-61400-2-SWT from the range of 0.1kw to 100kw.The main features of windmills are easy installation, starts at very low wind speeds (2.5m/s ), operates at optimum efficiency even at low wind velocity, reliable and dependable power, noiseless, vibration free, no maintenance. Our wind turbines are designed specifically for the given site conditions for optimum generation of power throughout the year.

VET manufactures both horizontal axis as well as vertical axis wind turbines. The horizontal axis wind turbines have better efficiency in comparison with vertical axis wind turbines for the same rated power output.

VET wind mills are completely designed, developed and manufactured in the factory, hence it is a total indigenous technology. The Aero-Foil design of our turbine blades have been designed using the latest state of the art technologies. Each aero-foil design is tested on the field before production. Best quality materials of fiber glass cloth, resins, etc are used to manufacture the turbine blades for longer life and to withstand the vagaries of nature.  All the ranges of our wind turbine blades are reinforced with special steel alloys.

The heart of our windmill is the PMG alternator. VET specializes in design and manufacture of highly efficient PMG alternators to generate optimum power even at low wind velocity (low RPM)
The turbine blades and the PMG alternator are properly matched to generate maximum power output
The life span of our wind mills will be at least for a minimum period of 20 years. Beyond which it can be repaired and used further.

Renewable and clean energy technology, simple, rugged, reliable, quality assured, safety ensured. Wind mills of different models have been developed suitable for the specific site and load conditions which are VET’s unique design feature. Range of wind mills 100W to 10KW suitable for domestic, Agricultural pump sets, Village Electrification, Grid Supply.

2) Wind Solar Hybrid Systems

The wind mill power depends on the wind velocity similarly the solar PV Panels generate power limited to 6 to 8 hrs in a day depending on sunlight intensity. The combination of wind solar hybrid will supplement the power each other depending on the seasonal variations and this is universally recommended concept for effective generation, maximum conservation and optimum utilization. The energy stored in the battery will provide sustainable power hence this is the best solution for all applications. The VET wind solar hybrid is a synchronized spacial design for All Time Power (ATP). Suitable for domestic, Bore well pump sets and rural electrification.
Why a Hybrid system?
The wind mill power depends on the wind velocity similarly the solar PV Panels Installing only a solar P V system is not that effective as the charging time is only during the day. on a good sunny day the charging is only for 5 – 6 hours. on a cloudy day the charging time might drop to just 2 – 3 hrs which is not that effective for the investment an SPVS (during the monsoon season weather is almost cloudy for 4 – 5 months ).

The wind mill power depends on the wind velocity similarly the solar PV Panels In the wind+solar hybrid system power generation from either or both system at any given time is stored in the batteries. There shall be power generation for almost more than 300 days in a year. During the summer time even though there is less wind there will be max generation from SPVS. During the Monsoon period as the weather is cloudy and windy there will be less power generation from SPVS but maximum generation through windmill. In certain cases there will be both wind and sun, wherein there will be maximum generation.

The wind mill power demands on the wind velocity similarly the solar PV Panels Therefore the windsolar hybrid system is the most effective form of consistent Renewable Energy power generation systems.

3) Bullock Generator

We are presenting a wide range of bull driven generators. It can generate up to 2 KW electricity, which can meet the power requirement of household. 2 kW, 3ph, 240v, 50hz, 3ph, rotary mode power transmission unit with gear box coupled with permanent magnet alternator and mounting frame for rotation by a pair of Bullocks/Animals the system can be upgraded up to 4 kw with 2 pair of bullocks. Direct supply to the load or Battery charging system has been provided. 1 hp bore well pump upto 250ft depth and 1500lph water discharge is suitable for one or two acres of land. The system is maintenance free long life and very economically priced.

4) Bicycle Generator

VET Gym-Gen Bicycle Generator is a unique development with the concept of GYM and generate power. Utilizing basically the human power. will serve the dual purpose of physical fitness and the generation of power. One single unit in a house can be utilized to generate power and stored in the battery which can be utilized for home lighting. 4 nos 10 watts CFL lighting for 4 hours can be utilized. This is a Renewable Energy System utilizing the human resources to produce green energy. The power can be generated any time even during usage and thus continuous power is available. Simple design and robust construction, hence almost maintenance free and long lasting.

5) Grid Tie Wind Mill

VET 10 KW, 20 KW, 50 KW & 100 KW windmills, with special design, are suitable for the transfer of power to the HT Grid line. These windmills can be installed in between the big windmills so that the wind energy available at a lower level can also be captured and this additional power can be connected to the grid and by this method megawatt level can be achieved. Even in Agricultural fields’ excess power can be supplied to the grid.

6) VET Wind Solar Water Pumping Solution

VET wind solar hybrid power solutions for pump sets have been developed to generate power from wind & sunlight natural resources a renewable energy system. VET wind solar hybrid is a spacial design for the bore well pump set.
• A proven design ideally suited for running bore well pump set throughout the year.
• All Time Power (ATP).
• Custom built system as per site conditions and water requirements.
• Pumping of water up to 1000ft depth.
• Almost maintenance free and long service.
• Very economic design hence affordable system price

7) VET Low Speed Permanent Magnet Alternator

The low speed permanent magnet alternators are the main source of power generation at very low speeds and hence these are invariably used for all Renewable Energy system drives and require special design for each application and the speeds. These alternators are provided with (Nd-Fe- B) Neodymium permanent magnets of high intensity energy hence high power output and long life so that the alternators are of compact design even at low speeds. VET PMGs are available from 0.10 kW up to 100 KW. The range of low speed PMG is from 150 rpm upto 3000 rpm and above. For range of rpm from 1 to 50 rpm PMG are available with gearbox.

8) Vet – Charaka Generator

Generate your Own Power using your hands for home lightning battery charging